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WORKSHOPS // and training

Sphere Psychology is now proud to offer corporate training and workshops relating to mental health, resilience and risk. 

Using her many years of experience in studying mental health and resilience, as well as her clinical expertise and teaching experience, Beth is passionate about equipping you and your organisation with practical skills. 

Each workshop focuses on equipping participants with education about the chosen topic, facilitating meaningful discussion and reflection, and practicing new skills. Participants will receive a copy of any materials covered in the workshop, as well as a tailored collection of relevant resources that can support them following the conclusion of the workshop. 

Beth specialises in offering this training to not-for-profit and religious organisations. 

Programs are designed to be offered to groups of 4-50 people. All programs can be offered in varying lengths, depending on the needs of your organisation. 

Training modules currently offered:

  • Responding to Risk

  • Caring for People

  • Coping with Chaos

  • Building Resilience

Beth can also work with you to tailor a program specific to your needs. If you would like to discuss a workshop for a larger group of people, or a specific topic you would like to address, please let Beth know. ​

At SPHERE PSYCHOLOGY, we believe everyone should be educated about mental health, resilience and risk, and we are committed to helping that belief become a reality
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